Since the time of the Apostles, the church catholic has existed. During the course of history, many branches of the one, catholic, and apostolic church have  evolved. Whichever branch it has been, one thing remains constant, and that is each  has maintained an unbroken line of succession from the Apostles. The Apostles were the original Bishops of the Church and their authority as episcopos has been passed down to this day.

Our purposes include:
-To be a covering and fellowship to individuals, churches, and institutions which ascribe to the vision and mission of the


The Progressive Old Catholic Church.


-To seek and share biblical truth.

-To ordain qualified ministers of the Gospel and license qualified local church
elders and leaders in the body of Christ.

-To be a covering for local churches and fivefold ministers.

-To be a covering for other entities, and to license, ordain and certify people
who see their vocations as ministries.

 NOTE: The Progressive Old Catholic Church does not offer instant online Minister ordination, nor do we offer immediate ordination by mail or any other method. You must complete the minister ordination application as the first step in a process which will vary with each individual based on personal background, education, ministry experience, knowledge of church history and theology, etc.


This process will also include dialogue by telephone, e-mail, and, when possible, in person.  A calling to ordained ministry is a high and serious calling; therefore, minister ordination should not be given with undue haste. The Bible, in 1 Timothy :22


says, "Do not be hasty in the laying on of hands." On the other hand, ordination should be available without undue delay.  An example of undue delay would be the requirement of four years of college and three years of seminary that some denominations impose on their candidates before they can be ordained.  The Progressive Old Catholic Church does not disparage education, theological or otherwise; in fact, we highly value it.  Because we do value education The Saint Caedmon Seminary was established to provide that foundational knowledge of the Christian faith and to prepare candidates for the ministry.




Candidates will initially be licensed into the Order of Deacon. A person licensed as a Deacon will serve in this office for a period of at least one year, or at the discretion of the Elders on a ministry, but can not be pastors of a parish. Deacons serve their community and may perform baptisms but may not celebrate (consecrate) the Holy Eucharist or perform Marriages.


After one year, Deacons may be elevated to the Priesthood. Persons already ordained into the Priesthood with valid lines of succession may be incardinated into the Progressive Old Catholic Church as Priests.  Persons desiring ordination /incardination may choose the Rite or Tradition they wish to follow.

All persons ordained into the Progressive Old Catholic Church are independent ministers in the daily functions of their respective ministries, that is, neither the minister nor the Progressive Old Catholic Church is or can be an agent for or of the other and each minister is fully and individually responsible for their actions, legal, financial or contractual obligations.

However, each minister is held accountable for their actions and does come under the Episcopal oversight of the College of Bishops in matters pertaining to Faith, morals and theology. Please also note that all clergy are required to submit reports on a monthly basis, or as the College of Bishops direct. Deacons and Priests are required to submit these
reports to their respective Ordinaries. Bishops are required to maintain copies of these reports for inspection as necessary. The Progressive Old Catholic Church will not tolerate or encourage those who are only willing to be clergy in name only. God has chosen and called you. Fulfill your calling.


Please keep in mind that persons ordained into the Progressive Old Catholic Church have received a valid, legitimate, Christian ordination. You are catholic (in the meaning of universal).  Ordination may be conferred after the candidate’s application has been evaluated by the College of Bishops and the Ordination Committee of the Progressive Old Catholic Church.

If you are called to the ministry and wish to discuss taking Holy Orders with the Progressive Old Catholic Church. Please email us in the first instance